Obama & the Other Electorate

Obama is paying attention to the tens of millions of voters who supported him two years ago and are hoping he'll show them political engagement is worth the effort.

Off the Grid

A colonia is any “identifiable community” within 150 miles of the U.S.-Mexico border lacking potable water and decent housing. There are 141 in New Mexico alone.


Our so-called border crisis is not fundamentally a question of security, but one of poverty, injustice, and disorder.

Bordering on Heartless

The crisis at our border has brought out the worst in our political system and a degree of plain nastiness that we should not be proud of as a nation.

A Case for Hope

Let's allow ourselves hope after the defeat of extremists who closed the government down to accomplish nothing. Some important things have changed for the better.

Here To Stay

Competing appeals from campaigns in the 2012 elections signaled the arrival of Latinos—and Latino Catholics in particular—as a pivotal force in American politics.

Bad but Not Broken

In 1996, the Republican-controlled 104th Congress passed into law the Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act and the Illegal Immigration Reform and...

Immigration: Time to Choose Sides

Immigration reform is in the hands of moderately conservative Republican senators who have to choose between solving a problem and facing right-wing retaliation.

Obama's Season of Challenge

What is President Obama fighting for? How he answers will have more to do with his success or failure than all the Republican congressional investigations combined.

Obama's Wake-Up Call

President Obama got roughed up by the pundit class last week. The question is what lessons he draws from the going-over. Here's one he should take: The nation...

Great Exhortations

More than any other recent U.S. president, Barack Obama has succeeded in puzzling the pundits. His imperturbability and coolly analytical style have led even such...

Obama Needs to Hope Again

If a president finds himself in the role of a political scientist, he has a problem -- even when his political science lesson is 100 percent accurate. When...
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