Letter from Rome

How media shunned Eastern Orthodox leaders visiting refugees with the pope; Which title Francis prefers; Why U.S. bishops fired Catholic News Service editor-in-chief

From Hemingway to Charlie Hebdo

In two new books, Hazareesingh and Bell incorporate American views into the 20th century struggles between republicans and Catholics in France over "basic freedoms"

'At the Existentialist Café'

Sarah Bakewell’s latest work subjects (mostly French) existentialist philosophers to scrutiny both as thinkers and as human beings marked by their moment in history.

'Zero K'

Lurking beneath the main concerns of 'Zero K' is a story of filial conflict, though moving portrayals of interpersonal relationships are not exactly DeLillo’s thing.

The New Trump?

Welcome to the New Donald Trump, a marvel of the Twitter-Cable-Facebook Non-Industrial Complex and the age of minuscule attention spans.

Ramona the Real

Beverly Cleary captures a child’s perspective in a way that is totally convincing and never condescending, and feels authentic even several decades on.

Uncommon Decency

Simon Leys’s Catholic sensibility is never insistent, and never descends into preachiness. As he said of Confucius, sometimes it can be better to stay silent.

Poem | Air Waves

Set off by the light-governed timer the lawn-sprinkler waves a rain-wall of water east and west.  A robin, its bright beak still fledgling-yellow, stands...

The Gifts Reserved for Age

There are multiple Eliotic selves, some more surprising than others, displayed in this magnificent, overwhelming edition.

Letters | Free trade, Catholic women, God’s love

SHIPPING COSTS I want to follow up on Charles R. Morris’s fine column, “Good for Everyone: Questioning Free-Trade Pieties” (March 25), which...

Forgiving & Listening

To understand Francis and support the direction he has been setting for the Church, we need to think more deeply about the ways and means of “forgiveness.”

How Trump Has Harnessed Glamour

Glamour has imparted an important advantage to Donald Trump. He has used his persona to encourage and exploit an angry and violent undercurrent in American life.
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