No Longer Docile

The emergence of the Islamic state; the tension with Iran; and the sinister turn events have taken in Israel are attributed in Europe to American irresponsibility.

Faith on the Front

The French writer Henri Ghéon lost his faith at fifteen and regained it after living through war. His 'Born in Battle' is a powerful account of religious rebirth.

Poem | In Fifty Years No One Will Know

"...the part already passed, the part / around the corner, the part that / wrenched the mind from its spiny cave, / the part that sheltered in the flesh..."

Letters | How seminaries talk about sex

"Do you commit adultery? Do you watch pornography? Do you masturbate?" Rectors, reverends, and readers reply to Paul Blaschko's inside look on his former seminary.


Feeling emotionally robust, moviegoer? You’d better be if you intend to see 'Leviathan,' the acclaimed Golden Globe winner and Oscar nominee for best foreign film.

Last Word: Things Fall Apart

"We’re all inching or hurtling toward the egress, and we Baby Boomers are elbowing our way to the head of the line...keeping the Grim Reaper at bay..."

The High Cost of Netanyahu's Comeback

Benjamin Netanyahu’s gambits worked. But at what cost to the future? Israel was already divided, and the harshness of the campaign split it further.

Letter from Rome

There is no question that “mercy” is one of the guiding leitmotifs of Francis’s pontificate. And last week, he emphasized there is no sin that cannot be forgiven.

The Senate's 47 Percent

The letter, spearheaded by Sen. Tom Cotton to "instruct" the Iranians about our Constitution, was a blatant effort to blow up the negotiations.

Open House

For Pope Francis the church is far more than an organic and hierarchical institution. It is above all the people of God on their way to God.

Hispanics Lead U.S. Catholics on Climate Change

Nearly 90 percent of Latinos in a recent study cited a “moral duty” to preserve the planet for children and to respect ancestors’ legacy of care for the earth.

Letter from Rome

Francis is marking the second anniversary of his pontificate, and if anyone still has doubts about his views on the post-Vatican II Mass, they should doubt no more.
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