Is the Gun Lobby Finally Cornered?

Even fervently held dogma is not immune to reality. After Orlando, gun-sanity rejectionists feel the pressure as advocates of sane gun laws move off the defensive.
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Letter from Rome

The CDF's new “letter” to the world’s Catholic bishops mostly rehashes an impoverished, minimalist and “institutionalist” thinking.

Will Orlando Soften Our Ideologies?

Reactions to the killings in Orlando etched a portrait of our national divisions and our inclination to know what we think even when we lack all of the facts.

The Greatest

Muhammad Ali’s self-love was transferrable. He beat up his opponents and pick-pocketed their confidence but miraculously helped millions see fresh possibilities.
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Letter from Rome

Criticism and applause for Francis's newly created process to try bishops accused of covering up sex abuse; Where have certain "bad" bishops from the U.S. ended up?

'Waiting for the Past'

Les Murray's new collection proves that there isn’t a thing that Murray can’t do—and do better than almost any other living poet.

Choosing the Better Part

In Robin Lane Fox's biography of St. Augustine, Augustine doesn’t convert to Christianity; he converts to whatever you get when you put aside worldly ambition.
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'Money Monster'

Starring George Clooney as a TV investment guru, Jodie Foster's 'Money Monster' might be too likable for its own good.

Religion Booknotes | Summer 2016

Early stories of Jews, Christians, and Muslims; the politics of celibacy and marriage; reflections from Cardinal Kasper; afterlife and wealth in early Christianity.

'The Ransom of the Soul'

In his examination of imaginative pictures of the afterlife and the ways in which Christians disposed of their wealth, Brown traces two distinct lines of development
Credit: CNS/Paul Haring

'The Gospel of Jesus Christ'

From the Cardinal called a "clever theologian" by Pope Francis, this volume of Walter Kasper's writings characterize the nature of religious belief in late modernity

'Unnatural Frenchmen'

Claire Cage traces how the celibacy of the clergy in France went from being contested by the philosophes, to being proscribed by the state in the period of terror.
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