U.S. Catholicism

The Odd Couple

John XXIII had a program of updating; John Paul II was seen as bringing a degree of Restoration. How do their two very different legacies relate to each other?

Not So Fast

Nurse a baby in church and you risk dirty looks. Of course, letting a hungry infant cry is also risking disapproval. It’s enough to make a new mom want to stay home.

Getting Past Supersessionism

"How do we portray the ur-conflict, the 'impossible relationship' between an old immovable object and a new irresistible force as they collided in...

Botched Arguments

Making sure late-term abortions are done only to save the life of the mother—under the safest conditions possible—should be something both sides can agree on.

Room at the Font

From 2005 to 2010 adult baptisms fell by 41 percent. Those losses were masked by a gain in adult receptions into full communion; then those totals began to fall too.

Same-Sex Marriage & Religious Freedom

After Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer vetoes bill affecting gay marriage, similar bills in other states will give us another master class in how to hold a culture war.

'Full of Faith'

How I learned about Ned O’Gorman's life of coping—through community, through place, through verse, through secrets, and through faith.

Francis's Anti-Imperial Papacy

His choice of the name 'Francis' was a promising sign he would emulate a saint devoted to the poor and to simplicity, and he has only continued from there.

Near Occasion

Many artists and writers, not necessarily religious, speak of the influence of religious language on their work.

Arizona's Anti-Gay Bill Hurt the Religious

Social and religious conservatives should have been the first to oppose the effort to allow businesses to discriminate against same-sex couples on religious grounds.

'Embers Continue to Smolder'

To get an inkling of the power of anti-Judaic legacy, I recommend reading a gospel in one sitting. Or better yet, watch 'The Gospel of John' with a Jewish friend.

Not Conversion, but Communion

Recent papal teaching, particularly since John Paul II, portrays God’s covenant with the Jews as valid and irrevocable.
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