War and Peace

Just-War Illusions

The just-war pacifist begins with a thoroughly realist assumption—that foreign policy is seldom if ever guided by rigorous just-war precepts.

Power Play

Events that trigger major international conflicts often appear small in retrospect. What's happening in Ukraine provides another example of this paradox.

The Bloody Details

Four books on the failures of moral imagination and political will, spread across the political landscape, that doomed Europe to decades of totalitarian terror.

Ukraine Promises Only Trouble for Russia

How far will Vladimir Putin go? The Russian president has answered the question himself, saying his country has no further demands to make on Ukraine.

The Real Battlefield

Robert Gates’s memoir has been criticized, but just as he did his duty to his commanders-in-chief, he now does his duty to his fellow citizens.

Just Warriors, Unjust Wars?

Catholics have special reason to care about Jeff McMahan’s work on the question of just war and the debates it has sparked.

Getting On with It

If you doubt the cost of indulging in political pieties rather than political organizing, compare the influence of Occupy Wall Street with the Tea Party.

So Far, So Good

Iran’s nuclear ambitions are a serious problem, but demanding complete Iranian capitulation, either at the negotiating table or on the battlefield, is no solution.

Blank Checks

In spite of historical lessons, blank checks remain the currency of allied nations. During the twentieth century, seemingly competent leaders have issued them.


'Story of a Secret State' promises an insider’s perspective on Poland’s Home Army, the largest resistance organization in Nazi-occupied Europe --- and delivers it.

American Innocence

'The Irony of American History' shines a klieg light on the so-called war on terror and the current debate over the operations of our “national security state."

Reforming the NSA

It is ever more important that transparency and accountability be built into the government’s antiterrorism efforts.
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