Letters | Episcopal ineptitude, the Falkland War, Soccer

Readers respond to news of Tony Spence's ouster, react to Joseph Flipper's ode to soccer, and remember days of rugby past.

Letters | Mere Christianity, women religious, Donald Trump

Readers wrote us contrasting C.S. Lewis with John Henry Newman, correcting some misstated facts about women religious, and agreeing with the editors about Trump.

Letters | The decline of the right, ‘The Revenant’

Readers take issue with Samuel Goldman's review of 'How the Right Went Wrong' by E.J. Dionne Jr. and with the phrase "corny mysticism" in a review of 'The Revenant.'

Letters | Free trade, Catholic women, God’s love

SHIPPING COSTS I want to follow up on Charles R. Morris’s fine column, “Good for Everyone: Questioning Free-Trade Pieties” (March 25), which...

Letters | Unions, Scalia, philosophy requirements

NO FREE RIDES If Richard W. Garnett’s contentions (Letters, March 11) are upheld by the Supreme Court, it is my suggestion to all labor unions that the...

Letters | Infallibility, race & representation, a messy faith

Readers advocate for an end to declaring infallibility, praise Obama's resilience in the face of white backlash, and resonate with the "interior debate" of a convert

Letters | Canned Thomism, public-sector unions

A reader writes in about being "bombarded with everything from Thomas Aquinas to Thomas Aquinas" in college, and a law professor corrects the editors on labor laws.

Letters |

Readers respond to the refugee crisis and questions raised by questions about church teaching on Hell. And Commonweal was paid a compliment that went to our heads.

Letters | The limits of loyalty, liqueur to the rescue

Readers write in to disagree with Jonathan Haidt's "moral foundations theory" and share enthusiasm for an historic liqueur made by monks from honey and herbs.

Letters | Mortal sin, Celibacy, Sci-fi parody, Etc.

JUST A VENIAL SIN At least one letter writer in the last issue cheered on Donald Cozzens’s analysis in “Sins, Mortal & Otherwise," yet this...

Letters | Labor's losses, 'parvity,' hands off the ointment

Readers write in about Scott Walker's battle with organized labor, Ronald Reagan, FDR, vomit, extreme unction, and sins—mortal and otherwise.

Letters | Anointing the Sick, a Callous Court, James Agee

Readers offer a remedy for the church's "unction dysfunction," another disturbing aspect of the Supreme Court's lethal-injection ruling, and more on James Agee.
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