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Project Manager - Latino/a Engagement

Commonweal is undertaking a strategic project to strengthen its relationships among Latino/a Catholic theologians, academics, journalists, writers, and pastoral leaders. Our goal is to build up Commonweal’s editorial expertise and leadership capacity to serve the emerging U.S. Catholic community more effectively.

We are seeking a project manager to play a central role in this project. Serving as a member of the Commonweal staff for the duration of the project, this person would:

(1) help identify and build an effective network of individuals, programs, and institutions in the Latino/a community with whom Commonweal should have stronger relationships, and who would be sources of current and future Commonweal writers, staff members, board members, or advisers;

(2) represent Commonweal and its mission effectively with these potential friends and contributors;

(3) set goals and agendas for two gatherings of expert resource people to meet with Commonweal’s staff and board, and undertake the logistical and scheduling work needed to execute the meetings successfully;

(4) help the Commonweal staff identify writers and editorial projects of significant value that will bring Latino/a voices into greater prominence at Commonweal during the time frame of the project.

The position requires an unusual combination of skills: (1) a wide awareness of the academic, journalistic, literary, and pastoral worlds relevant to the project, and in particular of Latino/a thinkers and doers in those worlds; (2) outstanding communications and networking abilities and instincts; (3) experience organizing effective, focused workshops and other small gatherings for academic or literary conversation. An academic background in theology or pastoral studies might be helpful, but the position also requires an understanding of Commonweal’s goals and audience as a largely non-academic institution.

We are open to a variety of working models for this role, including part-time status as a contractor and working remotely. If the person works remotely, we will require weekly phone/video meetings as well as regular travel to Commonweal’s New York office. The position reports to Commonweal’s publisher. The project begins January 1, 2019, and is expected to last 18 months.

Potential candidates should contact Commonweal via email at jobs@commonwealmagazine.org.