Back to Iraq?

The current situation in Iraq may pull the United States back into that country, and thus threatens to undermine Obama’s efforts to reorient American foreign policy.

The Duplicity of the Ideologues

Robert Kagan endeavors to beguile while constructing a version of “truth” that ignores inconvenient facts. There’s a name for this technique: It’s called propaganda.

After Hobby Lobby

It’s unfortunate that the Obama administration’s initial, parsimonious exemption for religious groups helped ignite the firestorm that led to Hobby Lobby.

Catholic & Libertarian?

The Ayn Rand libertarianism that Paul Ryan has flirted with is fundamentally incompatible with Catholic teachings. But can Catholics still be economic libertarians?

The Bells of Balangiga

in 1901, U.S. troops took as war booty some church bells that were rung as a signal for Filipino insurgents. For decades, Filipinos have been urging their return.

Dick Cheney’s Chutzpah

Cheney's Obama polemic would be outrageous even if our former vice president’s record on Iraq was one of absolute clairvoyance. But he was wrong in almost every way.

Eric Cantor & the Tea Party Purge

Republican leaders happily rode the Tea Party tiger when it was convenient. Now, Cantor has fallen to the forces he and his colleagues unleashed and encouraged.

Smart Money

New evidence shows that government-funded, early childhood interventions can actually help instill many of the virtues whose absence conservatives lament.

Blessed Are the Rich

Blessed are the poor, for they shall enjoy the fruits of free enterprise if only governments will get out of the way.

Cruel but Not Unusual

Even if use of solitary confinement brings short-term order to some penal institutions, it does serious damage to inmates and exacts a steep moral cost.

Engagement or Retreat?

Our problem as Catholics isn’t that same-sex marriage somehow uniquely represents Western society’s recent turns; our problem is those turns themselves.

Neither Shock Nor Crisis

That the rise of the right in European Parliament elections resembles the rise of fascism in the 1930s is nonsense; sovereignty was the most important theme.
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