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Letter from Rome

Pope Francis may have named Fr. Pizzaballa an archbishop and temporary seat-holder of a patriarchate precisely in order to succeed the ambitious Cardinal Scola.

Only the Next Step

The tensions within Orthodoxy are partly theological. But there is also a more worldly clash of interests, including the rivalry between Constantinople and Moscow.
CNS/Paul Haring

Letter from Rome

Despite allowing a study on the female deaconate, the pope seemed to rule out any new structure in the church that would concretely incorporate women’s voices.
From Visoki Decani Monastery

Will the Church Get Women Deacons?

Clergy who obsess about the dangers of clericalism in women are projecting their own sins and selling short women’s capacity for virtue.
Courtesy of the Society of Saint John the Evangelist

Last Word: Why Keep Waiting?

Waiting while depressed is like being anywhere but the present, pulled toward the past and future by anxiety. Silent waiting tries to do something different.

Choosing the Better Part

In Robin Lane Fox's biography of St. Augustine, Augustine doesn’t convert to Christianity; he converts to whatever you get when you put aside worldly ambition.

Religion Booknotes | Summer 2016

Early stories of Jews, Christians, and Muslims; the politics of celibacy and marriage; reflections from Cardinal Kasper; afterlife and wealth in early Christianity.

Killed for the Cause

Romero refused to sacrifice his conscience to his country’s ruler. To be killed for doing right and speaking against evil in the name of Christ is to be a martyr.
Photo credit: Abbaye Val Notre Dame

Last Word: ‘Un Petit Saint’

When Georges Vanier said he was going to become a Trappist, his father asked what his friends’ reactions would be. "They'll think I'm a crackpot," Vanier answered.

'Joan Chittister'

A full-length biography was on the minds of neither the author nor the subject met. But Roberts asked Chittister about her personal life. They began at the beginning

Last Word: The Gospel According to Del Monte

The changes of Vatican II and the turmoil of the civil-rights and anti-war movements made for heady days, and Sister Corita Kent’s art further exemplified the times.

A Place at the Table

The initial euphoria of Pope Francis's election was being replaced by the realization that we women would continue to be joked about, romanticized, and patronized.
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