Poem | Celebration

It picks up the speed of streaming recall / and takes us off post-equinox able to signify. // Or so I guess: Ninety is old, I / keep telling myself...

Poem | The Flamingo

The pink of her plumage is borrowed from the shells of shrimp she snaps from the muddy grasses, as step-by-step she extends her stride across a kingdom not...

Two Poems | 'Sunday Morning' & 'I Say'

Sunday Mornings   I’ve never found another name for Heaven except heaven-here—this walk around the block— our meeting-place-between we...

Poem | Some Octaves on Holy Orders

for Thomas Meagher and Ryan Justin Adams, Presbyters Non sum qualis eram   A vestibule bathed in stained glass light for naming and claiming, chrism and...

Moral Agents

Mailer, Trilling, Macdonald, Kazin, Maxwell, Bellow, Auden, O'Hara—men with public moral concerns, who seized power to shape American literature. But who were they?

There's Something I Want You to Do: Stories

Baxter reads fiction to “see bad stuff happening.” He writes characters who get into serious trouble, and face their own "human wreckage" at someone else's request.

Poem | The Mountain, Year 2

...what seems like nowhere / is me talking to the mountain, / rain on my shoulders, / hair / like autumn grass / that blinds me as I climb...

Poem | Quick

What never grew to light / past the established trees? / Each sapling in its supple bark / housed untold contingencies...

Two Poems | Beach Totem, Analemma

...in the name of the washed-up, / the lapsed and forgotten, / remnants joined to give loss, // no matter how touch / or random, another shot / at consequence...

Poem | In Fifty Years No One Will Know

"...the part already passed, the part / around the corner, the part that / wrenched the mind from its spiny cave, / the part that sheltered in the flesh..."

Poem | Celeriac

dirty, battered face sleepy with no eyes all dream and wood inside. It fed on the dark loam its hairy sallow cheeks, wistful under ground green sprigs stemming...

Poem | After Reading 'A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers'

One day, he stood, perfectly still, / as if at prayer, / then broke and flew / toward his/ endless / blue freedom...
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