The Republic of Imagination

Iranian author Azar Nafiri defends the value of canonical American literature—its imagination and humanity—against Common Core, market analyses, and Babbitt.

Moral Agents

Mailer, Trilling, Macdonald, Kazin, Maxwell, Bellow, Auden, O'Hara—men with public moral concerns, who seized power to shape American literature. But who were they?

There's Something I Want You to Do: Stories

Baxter reads fiction to “see bad stuff happening.” He writes characters who get into serious trouble, and face their own "human wreckage" at someone else's request.

Diary of the Fall

Through the eyes of a middle-aged alcoholic grandson of an Auschwitz survivor, Michel Raub's fifth novel contemplates the infinite ways humans torment each other.

Fiction | You Will Be Missed

What kind of people don’t see their only sibling for years, then show up at her husband’s funeral? What kind of Irish joke are you?

The Liar's Wife

Mary Gordon's latest collection of short fiction succeeds in showing that certain lies, by a kind of alchemy, can teach us the truth.

Fiction | Exhibit A

By day thirty-seven, he’d broken dozens of rules, so what was one more?

Paul Rosenfeld: Prompter of Fiction

On a night in November 1913, between 42nd and 43rd streets in New York, Paul Rosenfeld, then a young man recently out of Yale and waiting for a job to open up on...

Fiction | Children of Night

What sort of a fugitive am I, living in a two-car garage, that old temple of middle-class respectability? Simon almost sneered: You're not exactly Anne Frank.

Fiction | Tunneling

It began, Eleanor would remember later, when she caught him in the basement, masturbating—or so she thought, anyway, for a strange and topsy-turvy moment....

Fiction | The Relic Thief

Although Italians were officially despised by the grownups in Paul’s Irish family, everyone seemed to have at least one Italian best friend. His grandmother...

Fiction | Misery Island

Between the man’s finding full-time work again and the boy’s playing park-league baseball and caddying at the Essex County Golf Club, they hardly saw...
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The Republic of Imagination

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Moral Agents

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Diary of the Fall

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The Liar's Wife

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