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Letter from Rome

While in Poland for World Youth Day, Francis will be challenged to win over those Catholics who remain resistant to his program.
CNS/Art Babych:Cardinal Thomas Collins of Toronto speaks alongside other Canadian religious leaders

Canada Allows Doctor-Assisted Dying

Canada’s long-standing ban on physician-assisted death is over. Though Canada has a predilection for polite and civil exchange, was the debate heated enough?
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Misericordia in the Internet Age

Online media in the wake of tragedy could be doing something good. It may be a modern means of activating an ancient genre: a particular subset of human sorrow.
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'The Rich Countries Must Show Mercy'

Though the Philippines’ poor have contributed the least to the nation’s climate-related crises, it is they who have lost the most, and who stand to lose still more.

A Church for Peace?

Church teaching about the use of force is paradoxical. “Just peace”—not just war—should be the distinguishing mark and calling of the global Catholic Church.
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Letter from Rome

Pope Francis may have named Fr. Pizzaballa an archbishop and temporary seat-holder of a patriarchate precisely in order to succeed the ambitious Cardinal Scola.
CNS/L'Osservatore Romano: Pope Francis greets Paloma Garcia Ovejero, Greg Burke

Letter from Rome

There won't be "reform of the reform" after all. Francis shakes up the Vatican's financial management, chooses new (lay, non-Italian) leadership at the press office.
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Letter from Rome

As the CDW sets up a new commission, is there hope for Vatican II Catholics that the pope will firmly resist any attempts to roll back the clock on those reforms?

How Did We Get Here?

Where is a compelling vision of human well-being? Missing is the sense that “we are all really responsible for all.” This feeds into the hands of people like Trump.

Only the Next Step

The tensions within Orthodoxy are partly theological. But there is also a more worldly clash of interests, including the rivalry between Constantinople and Moscow.
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Letter from Rome

Despite allowing a study on the female deaconate, the pope seemed to rule out any new structure in the church that would concretely incorporate women’s voices.
From Visoki Decani Monastery

Will the Church Get Women Deacons?

Clergy who obsess about the dangers of clericalism in women are projecting their own sins and selling short women’s capacity for virtue.
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