Political power doesn’t just “happen.” It has to be built. 

In this episode we speak with Benjamin Francis-Fallon about his new book, The Rise of the Latino Vote. Tracing the decades-long process of organizing among hispanic immigrant communities in the U.S., Francis-Fallon rebuts the myth of Latino voters as the country’s “sleeping giant.” They constitute not a unified political bloc, but rather a variegated coalition with a diverse array of concrete interests. It’s the grassroots, not the top, that matters.

And members of the Commonweal staff speak about what they witnessed last weekend in El Paso, Texas. There, they participated in the Jornada por la Justicia, a national teach-in and binational action against racism and xenophobia, organized by the Catholic Latinx Leadership Coalition and Hope Border Institute.  

The intimate, ground floor, multiracial organizing that’s taking place now harkens back to a very effective period in the history of Latino politics. —Benjamin Francis-Fallon
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