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Give It to Us Straight, Doc

The conventional wisdom seems to be that Americans, feeling ripped off by the Affordable Care Act, are ready to pounce. But how does that correspond to reality?

No Ground for 'Stand Your Ground'

We should not have had to go through another racially charged trial in Florida to learn that “stand your ground” laws are a failure.

John Boehner's Sunshine Band

February 11 marked the end of a dismal experiment during which the right wing did all it could to make the United States look like a country incapable of governing.

Top Heavy

Conservatives insist that higher incomes at the very top fuel investment and growth and improve living standards. Real-world outcomes make nonsense of these claims.

The Road to Paralysis

Our politics are haunted by principles of Austrian economics and their sweeping hostility to any actions by government to keep downturns from becoming catastrophes.

Obama, Confidence Builder

Consider Obama's State of the Union speech a bid to move the national conversation back to the economic basics: to “opportunity for everybody."

Year Six of Hope & Change

It was a bittersweet briefing that told us exactly where the Obama administration finds itself at the dawn of its sixth year.

Seeking Guidance?

Legislative prayer is the subject of the latest religion-clause challenge to reach the U.S. Supreme Court.

Christie's Conservative Problem

Many conservatives have never trusted Chris Christie, and a tale that plays so perfectly into their critique of government could make things worse.

Reforming the NSA

It is ever more important that transparency and accountability be built into the government’s antiterrorism efforts.

Break the Chains of Command?

Heightened advocacy and awareness have led to three legislative initiatives that would reform how the military approaches cases of sexual assault.

The Resurgent Progressives

The re-emergence of a Democratic left will be one of the major stories of 2014. Moderates, don’t be alarmed: Its return is good news for the political center.
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