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'The Rich Countries Must Show Mercy'

Though the Philippines’ poor have contributed the least to the nation’s climate-related crises, it is they who have lost the most, and who stand to lose still more.

Too Much of a Good Thing

When we consider "Laudato si’" and the call to conserve resources and strive for a just world, placing antibiotics on the list for conservation is not a stretch.

Poem | Fibonacci

Around the inner rims / of these sunflowers one by one / small yellow petals pop open, / in obedience to the sun...

Poem | Wild

Even the eagle is deep / into dailyness // acts as if safe, & is silly / during its courtship rituals // spends days / inspecting / impregnable building sites...

Letters | Free trade, Catholic women, God’s love

SHIPPING COSTS I want to follow up on Charles R. Morris’s fine column, “Good for Everyone: Questioning Free-Trade Pieties” (March 25), which...

Between the Knower & the Known

To understand the larger significance of their research, scientists need a more sophisticated understanding of the metaphysical questions at stake.

Poem | Sandpiper

He flies only to scurry along another / reach of surf where he / pricks the cold for / prey smaller / than grains of prose. The freedom / to guess right is his...

Poem | Adjustment

Mighty planet Earth / orbits to order, its greenest blues / attractive, to make our / life-giving aerial envelope / lawful, obedient, singing. / It turns...

Toxic Neglect

A fixation on slashing government spending on services without regard to the effect on the basic well-being of citizens helped bring the Flint crisis about.

Bread, Butter & Climate Change

The environmental movement gets criticized for neglecting social and economic injustice. But California is seeking to align climate and economic policy-making.

Pope Francis's U.S. Visit

Pope Francis departed for Rome from Philadelphia Sunday night, after spending five eventful days in the United States. We can expect clergy, politicians, writers,...

Embracing Our Limits

Francis's encyclical contains a fundamental lesson: We are not the source of meaning or value; if we believe we are, we exchange the real world for a virtual one.
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