April 15, 2016


'John le Carré'

Adam Sisman's new biography of le Carré—cartoonist, actor, mimic, linguist, expert skier,and spy—is intelligent, thoroughly researched, and tediously repetitive.

'Big Science'

Michael Hiltzik offers a lucid account of physicist Ernest Lawrence’s career as the prototype of the WWII partnership among military, academia, and private industry


Barry’s new novel—featuring John Lennon as protagonist—meditates on place, grief, and longing, ranging across a century’s worth of literary and popular references.

'Horace and Pete'

Everything about "Horace and Pete"—its seriocomic ambivalence, performance aesthetic, production values—seems calculated to knock viewers out of their comfort zone.

'Son of Saul'

Writer-director László Nemes takes us into the Auschwitz death camp one day in late 1944. The camera immediately fastens on Saul Auslander and never lets go.

Mailer on Trump

What forces and resentments has Donald Trump tapped into, for they're surely more than just political? It's just the kind of question Norman Mailer could illuminate.
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