Smart Guy

As mainstream news organizations were losing their claim on authority and trust, Jon Stewart used smarts and comedy to establish his own journalistic credibility.


"Grantchester," part of PBS’s Masterpiece programming, is soothingly old-fashioned, falling comfortably within the bounds of the cozy mystery genre.

The Eclipse of Equality

Solon Simmons sifts through 'Meet the Press's' archive to show how sharply Washington’s conversation over economic equality has changed over seven decades.

Miner of Mania

More than most comedians, Robin Williams exemplified the cliché of the funny man being an inverted sad man.

'The Leftovers' on HBO

This gloomy, powerfully acted series imagines the aftermath of a cryptic development: 2 percent of the world’s population has vanished, and no one knows why.

Cold Case

With ample suspense and atmosphere, 'Fargo' will appeal to crime-caper addicts and anyone who wants more of the movie’s ready-for-ice-fishing-you-betcha vibe.

'A Dire Part of My Life, My Faith'

Images, names, and circumstances make it clear that sacrament and mystery are vital to writer David Schickler's worldview.

Serious Fun

In 'Waiting for the Barbarians,' Mendelsohn has collected essays originally published in the New York Review of Books, the New York Times, and elsewhere.

Failure, Succession, Success

'The Hollow Crown,' a marvelous quartet of new Shakespeare films airing through October 11 on PBS, is fast-paced, accessible, and packed with riveting performances.

Broken Compasses

BBC America's 'Broadchurch' grows increasingly suspenseful and engrossing as it goes, thanks to canny pacing, smart plotting, and vivid performances.

Minding His Manners

Have good manners ever earned such scorn and tribulation? That question might run through your mind as you watch Parade’s End, the gripping, poignant, and...

Class Photo

Most Americans forty or older will recall the 1989 case of the young woman brutalized by a rampaging mob of teenagers while jogging in Central Park. Coming amid...
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The Eclipse of Equality

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Serious Fun

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