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'Spotlight' & 'Truth'

'Spotlight' portrays the Globe’s reporters as heroes, but theirs is a workaday heroism without flourishes or frills. 'Truth,' by contrast, is soaked in personality.

Last Word: The 4 p.m. Blues

If today the world and the self are devalued, as Walker Percy has suggested, art—particularly the novel— can awaken the reader to their recovery from '4 p.m. blues.'

Three Poems

“the quality of mercy” / is a fierce and terrible beauty.../ it hungers in its waiting / then consumes our darkest brokenness / even as it invites us to its table...

Poem | Raccoon

He abides near / flowing water even when it’s / underground, knowing how to ghost / across the cornfield to the least whisper of runoff...

Mum's the Word

Life teaches us that true gratitude is invoked spontaneously, by utterance, not by canned speech. Perhaps this is why I can’t easily summon memories of Thanksgiving.


By focusing on cultural and institutional microcosms, a documentary paints a picture of an entire society whose various activities are all embedded with chaplains.

Poem | When I Am a Middle-Aged Woman

I will wear sweatshirts with bright appliqués / Of owls, and work for Head Start. Saturdays // Will be the food bank; Sundays, church at ten. / Evenings I'll...

Poem | The Old Wall

Arch after arch set in the brick, / Rosettes along them, pebble-thick; // Draped, helmed, armed figures, scribes with scrolls, / And eagles in their leafy holes:...

Poem | Untitled

If, all of a sudden, something gets lost something I absolutely need right now— a pencil, a paper, the eraser— I survey the chaos with hapless eyes...

Poem | Eagle

She releases the earth, every dawn, opens like day and closes like night. The human highway is nothing to her, blunt in its purpose, coursing to no...

Poem | Sacred Oil

Priests— I found this outside on the pavers by the parked car, the Legacy. It may be life for the dying. It must be one of yours.

Poem | El Greco's Evangelist

Paint. Paint the soft lines / of damp cheeks across a canvas. / Paint the deep eyes, the little / hand and the orb. / Splash some color along the curve / of her...
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