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'Weiner' sets out to film Anthony Weiner’s unlikely political comeback, as he sought to put the disgrace behind him with a run for mayor of New York in 2013.

The Greatest

Muhammad Ali’s self-love was transferrable. He beat up his opponents and pick-pocketed their confidence but miraculously helped millions see fresh possibilities.
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'Money Monster'

Starring George Clooney as a TV investment guru, Jodie Foster's 'Money Monster' might be too likable for its own good.

Take That, Max Weber

The affection and tenderness of the "Irish Journal" is a stark contrast to Heinrich Böll’s bitter novellas and short stories of the same years.

'I Want Soul'

Award-winning novelist C. E. Morgan talks about "moral beauty," evil and empathy, and how landscape informs her work, including her latest, "The Sport of Kings."

Poem | Wild

Even the eagle is deep / into dailyness // acts as if safe, & is silly / during its courtship rituals // spends days / inspecting / impregnable building sites...

'Born to Be Blue' & 'Miles Ahead'

Two jazz trumpeters, now each the subject of a biopic taking its title from one of its hero’s hits: "Born to Be Blue" (Chet Baker) and "Miles Ahead" (Miles Davis).

'Eye in the Sky'

The atmosphere of moral agony in Eye in the Sky reflects standard-issue Hollywood sentimentality. Politically, it offers Americans moral justification for drone war.

Poem | Air Waves

Set off by the light-governed timer the lawn-sprinkler waves a rain-wall of water east and west.  A robin, its bright beak still fledgling-yellow, stands...

The Hubris of Culture

The "culture industry" testifies to the expansionist ambitions of the late capitalist system, which can now colonize fantasy and enjoyment as it once did countries.

Comedian & Crusader

Barry Crimmins is a funny, frightening man. His humor is so sharp it feels almost dangerous to laugh. There’s no telling when it could turn, or in what direction.

'Horace and Pete'

Everything about "Horace and Pete"—its seriocomic ambivalence, performance aesthetic, production values—seems calculated to knock viewers out of their comfort zone.
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