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Mum's the Word

Life teaches us that true gratitude is invoked spontaneously, by utterance, not by canned speech. Perhaps this is why I can’t easily summon memories of Thanksgiving.


By focusing on cultural and institutional microcosms, a documentary paints a picture of an entire society whose various activities are all embedded with chaplains.

Poem | When I Am a Middle-Aged Woman

I will wear sweatshirts with bright appliqués / Of owls, and work for Head Start. Saturdays // Will be the food bank; Sundays, church at ten. / Evenings I'll...

Poem | The Old Wall

Arch after arch set in the brick, / Rosettes along them, pebble-thick; // Draped, helmed, armed figures, scribes with scrolls, / And eagles in their leafy holes:...

Poem | Untitled

If, all of a sudden, something gets lost something I absolutely need right now— a pencil, a paper, the eraser— I survey the chaos with hapless eyes...

Poem | Eagle

She releases the earth, every dawn, opens like day and closes like night. The human highway is nothing to her, blunt in its purpose, coursing to no...

Poem | Sacred Oil

Priests— I found this outside on the pavers by the parked car, the Legacy. It may be life for the dying. It must be one of yours.

Poem | El Greco's Evangelist

Paint. Paint the soft lines / of damp cheeks across a canvas. / Paint the deep eyes, the little / hand and the orb. / Splash some color along the curve / of her...

'The Martian' & 'Bridge of Spies'

To hell with postmodern irony. Here are two earnest movies with straight-arrow heroes: "The Martian," with Matt Damon, and "Bridge of Spies," with Tom Hanks.

Poem | In Parentheses

As I said, I’m a lawyer. Technically speaking, / is a head blown to pieces by a smart bomb a beheading? // Infinitely compressible, yet expandable time...

Poem | The Other Heaven

On nights with little moon or none, / the near-blind great-grandmother settles / in her chair in the middle of the orchard, / bare branches or...

Battered Souls

Stone's characters were human, and humans screw up; there wasn’t much to do about that except to situate the culprits in clarifying narratives of moral scrutiny.
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