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'Black Mass'

What’s fairly new about 'Black Mass' is that this gangster story focuses more on the moral seduction and destruction of a lawman than on the downfall of a hood.

Cromwell the Humanitarian

The series presents a view of medieval Catholicism as the realm of cranks and fanatics, while Thomas Cromwell is shown as distinctly rational and reasonable.

Poems | 'A Lot of Ways' & Two Other Poems

There are a lot of ways to love the world, / be loved by it. Start with the sounds / of it: cello suite, hum of sander. ...


Set in bombed-out Berlin of 1945, Petzold's 'Phoenix' questions who was guilty, and of what, in the daily workings of the Holocaust—and will there be a reckoning?

'Galileo’s Middle Finger'

The result of her years-long quest to find fellow victims of smear campaigns, Dreger's 'Galileo's Middle Finger' reveals a problem larger than political correctness.

'A God in Ruins'

Centered around the missing bomber pilot from 'Life After Life,' Atkinson's 'A God in Ruins' examines the interplay of real life and the life of the imagination.

Letters of James Agee to Father Flye

Spanning almost James Agee's entire lifetime, these letters between author and his priest cover alcohol, God, poetry, childhood, and a “mouthful of sweet potato.”

'The End of the Tour'

In 'The End of the Tour,' James Ponsoldt addresses the life—and death—of David Foster Wallace, served as the Platonic ideal for a generation of younger writers.

'Small Mercies: A Novel'

Set on present day Staten Island Eddie Joyce's 'Small Mercies' traces the effect of 9/11 on the families of people living in “the servants’ quarters of New York."

Poem | Which

At the Fifth Station of the Cross / I am asked to “accept in particular / the death that is destined for me” / Which I must keep myself from guessing...

Poem | He Came Like a Baby

To take on flesh, / hunger and thirst. / To learn pain. // Born without words / the Word, where angels sang / his cry rose in the midnight air...

The Myth, the Monk, the Man

One of Merton’s gifts as a writer was the ability to insinuate himself into the lives of those he'd never met and remain a personal presence decades after his death.
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