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'The Revenant'

Very few historical films have achieved this degree of physical verisimilitude. The bad news? Verisimilitude may be 'The Revenant'’s only great achievement.

Choose Your Illusion

To judge by the pilot, the TV version of "The Magicians" will be a fast-paced and workmanlike distillation of Lev Grossman’s enthralling and often moving trilogy.


The title of Paolo Sorrentino's latest doesn’t refer to a fixed stage in life but to the mysterious inner spark—as much spiritual as biological—that keeps us going.

Poem | Sandpiper

He flies only to scurry along another / reach of surf where he / pricks the cold for / prey smaller / than grains of prose. The freedom / to guess right is his...

Poem | Adjustment

Mighty planet Earth / orbits to order, its greenest blues / attractive, to make our / life-giving aerial envelope / lawful, obedient, singing. / It turns...

A 2015 Movie Roundup

All six movies I watched between Christmas and New Year’s Day were about looking back: to historical eras; to the protagonists’ pasts; or, for us, to our own pasts.

Care Extended

Pope Francis kicked off the Jubilee Year of Mercy with the opening of the Holy Door at St. Peter’s. I started my observance with a brilliant black comedy from HBO.

Poem | Untitled

There’s only song / because there are mountains, / because mountains distort / what we say, / and that’s / how song takes shape— / with words twisted / by hills...

Letters | Universal salvation, ‘Spotlight’

Readers weight in on the debate started by Albert B. Hakim on universal salvation and damnation for the unjust, and fact-check our review of 'Spotlight.'

Top Films of 2015

We've chosen the film reviews from this year you'll most want to read again.


"Room" is a work of skill, with an interesting shift that says as much about the differences between literature and cinema as it does about the talents involved.

Poem | The Divorce

In a small way, the foreign residents / Are rounded up—the Spartans sit and comb / Their hair, watched by the Persians from their tents— / Rationing starts...
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