July 12, 2013

Commonweal, July 12, 2013
Friday, July 12, 2013

Articles in this issue

A Good Gatsby

In many important senses, Baz Luhrmann has quite literally restored 'The Great Gatsby' to a Catholic setting.

Lawyer Up the Prey

Lenders are often allowed to foreclose without significant judicial involvement, putting the burden on homeowners to prove the lender is not entitled to do so.

Fiction | Children of Night

What sort of a fugitive am I, living in a two-car garage, that old temple of middle-class respectability? Simon almost sneered: You're not exactly Anne Frank.

'Like a Shadow'

I have attended many births but this was the first time I had to help a woman deliver a baby we both knew would be dead.

Wedding Crashers

An old pastor once told me he would rather preside at a funeral—even the most tragic funeral—than at a wedding, any day of the week. Now I know just what he meant.


A documentary on Ricky Jay, one of the great living magicians, and a feature in which four practitioners of the craft use their special skills to stage a heist.

Reclamation Project

Briskly analyzing the nexus of Christian epistemology, inquiry, and education, Kenneth Garcia proposes a more constructive understanding of academic freedom.

Between the Lines

'America’s Unwritten Constitution' is a novel and often persuasive analysis of how our written Constitution blends with an unwritten one to form a coherent whole.

Plot Twists

'Catholics in the American Century' gathers essays exploring how Catholic experience and perspectives enrich our understanding of the broader American experience.

The Last Word: Take & Eat

How the apple, rather than the grape or the fig, became the fruit in the Garden of Eden is complicated, involving pagan Greek mythology and folklore.

Letters: Abortion & Law; The Makings of a Saint

On Steinfels's 'Beyond the Stalemate' and Cummings's 'Native Daughters'

Poem | Sacraments in the Field

A layman can baptize when in extremis / or give the last rites. Here’s how I perform them.