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Clinton's Convention vs. Trump's

Clinton has to cut through the politics of fear to persuade voters that she and her party still offer credible hope for the working class.
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Trumpism's Ideological Wasteland

Trumpism is an ideological wasteland where anger is the only point and winning is the only objective. This GOP convention is what the wasteland looks like.
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The Presidential Popularity Problem

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump both need to boost their popularity, but Clinton has more room to grow. History tells us she could get that boost.

Naming the Problem

What makes confronting the past courageous is the possibility that it may compel us to change something in the present.

Selling Religious Ignorance

Donald Trump says things to appeal to whatever crowd he's talking to, but casting doubt on Hillary Clinton’s faith before a group of evangelicals is a new low.

Is the Gun Lobby Finally Cornered?

Even fervently held dogma is not immune to reality. After Orlando, gun-sanity rejectionists feel the pressure as advocates of sane gun laws move off the defensive.

Will Orlando Soften Our Ideologies?

Reactions to the killings in Orlando etched a portrait of our national divisions and our inclination to know what we think even when we lack all of the facts.

Obama & Hiroshima's Moral Lessons

As a student of Reinhold Niebuhr, President Obama has sought out occasions on which he could preach about the ironies and uncertainties of human action.

Is the GOP Losing Its Religion?

In the 2016 campaign, there's a profound pessimism among conservative Christians that contrasts sharply with the movement’s hopeful spirit in its Reagan Era heyday.

Getting What We Pay For

Many Americans (and American businessmen) think that the United States has the highest tax rates in the world. But that it isn’t even close to being true.

Clinton, Sanders & 'Visionary Gradualism'

For Clinton and Sanders, coming together should reflect a shared commitment to taking the country in a direction very different from the one Trump is calling for.

Don't Mainstream Trump

Donald Trump’s Republican primary triumph means that this cannot be a normal election. Americans must come together across party lines to defeat him decisively.
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