June 14, 2013

Commonweal, June 14, 2013
Friday, June 14, 2013

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Beyond the Stalemate

That Americans and American Catholics remain divided over abortion is to our credit. But some divisions are more necessary, compelling, or expedient than others.

The Paradox of Proliferation

Nuclear weapons have no real utility to North Korea other than as deterrence of attack or invasion. The threat of their development is a propaganda asset.

Reckless Ardor

The calls for so-called humanitarian war in Syria are a textbook case of the triumph of hope over experience.

Stepping into the Vacuum

Let us again admire Kenneth Feinberg, a public servant who demonstrates that justice and common sense are still coordinates in the national psyche.


Tax evasion is a serious crime. But many business leaders, along with some politicians, seem to consider tax avoidance as American as Apple Inc.

Roaring Mad

Baz Luhrmann’s 'The Great Gatsby' proves to be a triumph of both faithfulness and daring. It conveys some of the novel’s glories and possesses virtues all its own.

A Long Way from Athens

Who would undertake to write a history of all political thought, and why? Many a writer will assay a history of this or that political thinker (who was Hobbes?), or...

Quiet Revolution

A visitor to the city of Rome in the year 300 A.D. could traverse it without encountering one single building identifiable as Christian. It wasn’t that the...

A Useless Concept?

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights invokes it. So do the Geneva Conventions, the German constitution, and major U.S. Supreme Court cases. It is central to...

Pride Before a Fall

Political liberals may find comfort in the disarray of today’s Republican Party. But it wasn’t so long ago that their own troubles set the stage for the...

Service Entrance

It’s time to take another look at the idea of national service, which could revitalize the country and relieve the economic pressure on its youth.

Letters: Faith & physics, hope in Boston

On 'Nagel's Untimely Idea' & 'The Big Dig'