August 16, 2013

August 16, 2013
Friday, August 16, 2013

Articles in this issue

An Act of Theology

Reflections on where American Catholic biblical scholarship has been and what direction it might profitably take in the years to come.

The Truth about Marriage

Will severing the connection marriage has forged between sex, procreation, and family formation undermine the expectations our culture places on the institution?

Worth Worrying About?

“Disentanglement” is not a stable or feasible response to the dangers to religious freedom posed by the legal redefinition of marriage.

Right Decision, Wrong Reason

The Court made the right decision in Windsor, but the majority was unclear about why DOMA’s exclusion of same-sex marriages was unconstitutional.

Why Standing Matters

Not every constitutional disagreement takes the right form for decision by a federal court.

Divided by Ancient Disputes

What is the source of the division between Sunnis and Shi‘ites, and how prevalent is this bifurcation in the Islamic world, a community of more than 1.6 billion?

Looking Away

Why have final rituals, some of which go back two millennia, changed so markedly in the past fifty years?

Words & Deeds

'Hannah Arendt' offers an immersion in the world of postwar New York intellectuals; 'A Hijacking' portrays the travails of a cargo ship set upon by Somali pirates.

Broken Compasses

BBC America's 'Broadchurch' grows increasingly suspenseful and engrossing as it goes, thanks to canny pacing, smart plotting, and vivid performances.

A Scourge of Secularism

Do the essays by Leszek Kolakowski collected in 'Is God Happy?' have anything to say to twenty-first-century America?

Prosecuting the Persecuted

'The Myth of Persecution' puts Candida Moss in the ranks of historian-physicians who seek to heal the ills of Christianity via the therapy of revisionist history.

The Innocence Project

Most of what we think we know about medieval heretics is wrong, argues the celebrated British historian R. I. Moore in 'The War on Heresy.'