June 13, 2014

Commonweal, June 13, 2014
Friday, June 13, 2014

Articles in this issue

Blessed Are the Rich

Blessed are the poor, for they shall enjoy the fruits of free enterprise if only governments will get out of the way.

Cruel but Not Unusual

Even if use of solitary confinement brings short-term order to some penal institutions, it does serious damage to inmates and exacts a steep moral cost.

One Oops From Armageddon

A frightening, journalistic take on nuclear-weapon history and mishap, and a frightening, philosophical critique of the existential dilemma of nuclear weapons.

Two Poems by Rainer Maria Rilke

We never knew his audacious head / in which the eyeballs ripened. But / his torso still glows like a candelabra...

Poem | The Catch

But the blessing belongs to the artist / who must have sketched the scene from his own boat...

Engagement or Retreat?

Our problem as Catholics isn’t that same-sex marriage somehow uniquely represents Western society’s recent turns; our problem is those turns themselves.

Modi’s M.O.

The RSS is the real force behind Modi’s victory, and many believe it will be calling the shots in the new government.

The U.S. Sisters & the Holy See

The awkward conversation between the LCWR and the CDF may turn out to be just the kind of encounter the church needs.

Letters | Episcopal Authority, Gutting Aquinas

Readers respond to John Thiel, Gary Gutting, and more.

Artful Schlock, Arty Dreck

Jim Jarmusch’s vampire movie, 'Only Lovers Left Alive,' goes right where Jonathan Glazer’s critically acclaimed 'Under the Skin' goes wrong.

Family Values

Fest’s absorbing memoir is an unprecedented attempt to take American audiences deep into Hitler’s Germany from the point of view of Germans who rejected Hitler.

God Bless Americanism

A book on four U.S. clerics who were involved in an early-twentieth-century theological controversy that sent Catholic intellectuals scrambling for cover.