June 1, 2014

Commonweal, June 1, 2014
Sunday, June 1, 2014

Articles in this issue

A Sermon in Stone

People care passionately about their places of worship. That puts a liturgical designer like Lawrence Hoy in the line of fire, but that's just where he wants to be.

Holy Surplus

Catholicism is on the wane in the Netherlands, whose stockpiles of deconsecrated church art are now making their way to countries where the church is growing.

Letters | Chinese names, curing clericalism

Readers correct misused Chinese names, and respond to stories on the decline of RCIA and the cure for clericalism.

Nanny Cam

Vivian Maier was so obscure that her first public notice was a death announcement. Now she has the world wondering why she hid hundreds of photographs.

More Than a Nice Story

James Martin, SJ, wants to look at Jesus through the lens of his own education, prayer, and experience on pilgrimage in the Holy Land.

Bookmarks | Formal Poetry is Alive and Well

Two new collections of poetry from Geoffrey G. O'Brien and Spencer Reece both resist the "open-ended and often sloppy free-verse form of much contemporary poetry."

Poem | Widow of Zarephath

i was like a small bird / pecking near a gate / when i went in search of twigs—

Last Word: One Pound, Fourteen Ounces

“Folks,” the doctor stammered, “There's no explaining this medically, but in fifteen minutes, James’s condition improved dramatically."

Caught in the Gap

We are now beginning to see the consequences of Red State hostility to health-care reform, and they are devastating for the poor.

Defensive Secretary

Gates saw himself as a manager working to get things done. But managerial skills used in the service of getting the wrong things done is of little help to anybody.

All Hands on Deck

The National Climate Assessment report makes clear that the emission of carbon is causing climate change; this is not a hypothesis, but a scientific fact.

The Mother of the Man

The novelist talks about obsessions, escapes, and what his mother's life tells him about his own.