Death and Dying

Sick Minds

For the past fifteen years, my sister Meg Kaveny has worked with the homeless in Portland, Oregon. Many of them are mentally ill. Meg moved to the Pacific Northwest...

Readers Will Always Be Grateful

The novelist and critic Wilfrid Sheed, who died last month at eighty, served as drama critic and literary editor of Commonweal from 1964 to ’69, and continued to...

Beyond Black & White

Here are some things you might expect to find on HBO: Prohibition-era gangsters. Post-Katrina New Orleans jazzmen. Vampires. Bill Maher. Here’s something you might...

A Fatal Conflict

It is commonly accepted that any entity that is part of the Catholic health-care ministry must offer its services in a manner consistent with the Ethical and...


My mother said, “Why didn’t they tell us these things in school?” I had just come into her room. “Like what?” I said. My mother is in an assisted-living facility...

Good Grief

We did not wake our mother when she died. The night her soul parted from her body, in a Florida hospice room, my sisters and I left her for the staff—experts at...

Last Respects

The bifurcation of the American movie industry into big-studio productions (superheroes, explosions, glossy chick-flicks, 3-D, animation, CGI, fantasy, historical...

The Rush to Repeal

Liberals may lament the administration’s failure to make progress on immigration and climate-change legislation in this congressional session, but it may be time to...

The Sound of Life

Two weeping cherry trees stand opposite each other on the grounds of my church. One has been there for nearly twenty years. It was a gift from the town, part of a...

Catholic Unity

With regret and some trepidation, Commonweal and many other prolife Catholic commentators and organizations, including the Catholic Health Association, disagreed...

The Banality of Eagleton

 “Evil is not something we should lose too much sleep over,” according to Terry Eagleton. How much sleeplessness is just enough? In February 1993, two ten-year...

Whatever Works

Woody Allen is a writer, a comedian, and the maker of over seventy films. He recently spoke with Fr. Robert E. Lauder about the function of humor, film, and “the...
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