Death and Dying

Comforting Rachel

Death before birth brings a profound grief to a family. It blunts hope and forces mothers, in a very immediate, physical way, to confront death.

Bring Out Your Dead

A conversation on our most egregious death-avoidance tactic: the disappearance of the dead themselves from the rituals at which their presence is indispensable.

Care Package

In current battles between church and state about health care and health insurance, it is often the poor and uninsured who end up as unintended casualties. A recent...

Vaclav Havel, 1936–2011

I fleetingly met Vaclav Havel on June 10, 1990.  It was the morning after Czechoslovakia’s first free elections in decades. At breakfast in our Prague hotel,...

Below the Law?

Should the president of the United States be able to authorize the assassination of a U.S. citizen anywhere in the world without telling the public why—or...

Something More

There have been a number of recent articles and reviews that suggest the reason people cling to religious faith is their fear of death, and that the primary role of...

Oh, Mija!

It was after 1 p.m. when we finally made it to the crowded McDonald’s on Times Square. My parents, two younger brothers, and I were caked with stinging white powder...

Channeling the Sin-Eater

If, as Samuel Beckett wrote, all poetry is prayer, my devotions began in earnest thirty-some years ago when a habit of reading poems begat the practice of writing...

The Cost of an Obsession

The unseemly love affair of some American politicians with the death penalty is bad for justice and bad for our country's standing in the world. It inflicts a...

Tormented Witness

The life of faith finds an enduring metaphor in the notion of the soul’s journey to God. Consider the pilgrim-poet of Dante’s Divine Comedy, who successfully...

Dignity & the End of Life

Physician-assisted suicide (PAS) and euthanasia have long been the redheaded stepchildren of the prolife movement. They are dutifully included in the litany of life...

Mother Knew Best

After my mother died three years ago (see “Spare Every Expense, Except One,” October 10, 2008), my sister Lucy kept discovering interesting things she had left...
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