September 13, 2013

Commonweal, September 13, 2013
Friday, September 13, 2013

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The Devil They Know

Many Syrian Christians who wouldn’t deny Assad’s record of repressing political opponents would rather put up with that than live under the rule of Islamists.


Few cities were as dependent on a single industry for their survival as Detroit, or so disproportionately blue-collar in their population.

Lost Sheep

In marketing terms, half of all former Catholics have chosen another brand of religion; the other half are “nones”—unaffiliated.

Free Market?

A current policy debate once again pits the bulk of the economics profession against common sense.

Recording Angel with a Camera

Among the virtues of Ryan Coogler's film "Fruitvale Station" is the way he shows how numerous definitions of the word "tragedy" may apply.

And Yet It Works

The first thing to note about Andrew Koppelman’s new book is is that word “American”—sitting awkwardly beside the abstract concept of “religious neutrality."

Goaded by Doubt

In his new book, 'My Bright Abyss: Meditation of a Modern Believer,' Christian Wiman reflects on faith, death, poetry, and God.

The Party of Humanity

The issues that gnaw at George Scialabba relate primarily to political economy. For an avowed man of the left, “the last three decades have been bitter medicine.”

Letters: Catholic Universities, Weddings, Cremation

Readers respond on Catholic universities, weddings, and cremation.

Poem | Patrick O'Shea

We charter a large motor yacht to strew Alan’s ashes, / and Patrick says what St. John taught.

The Last Word | Place Holders

Devotion to one’s parish continues to be a prime marker of Catholic identity.

America's Politics

'America''s mission statement tends to draw too stark a dichotomy between a Catholic’s religious identity and his or her secular political responsibilities.