September 12, 2014

Commonweal, September 12, 2014
Friday, September 12, 2014

Articles in this issue

Farmer, Anarchist, Catholic

Tom Cornell has been a part of the Catholic Worker movement for more than sixty years. He started in 1953 when he was nineteen years old.

As We Lie Dying

Most of us remain woefully unprepared for life’s final transition. One way of addressing this problem is the Physician Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment paradigm.

Mad Jack

In her biography of Siegfried Sassoon, Jean Moorcroft Wilson posits that “a study of his life is a study of his age.” In fact Sassoon’s life spanned several ages.

Letters | But Was Aquinas Right?

Gary Gutting responds to Brian Davies regarding Denys Turner’s 'Thomas Aquinas: A Portrait.'

Small Problem, Big Solution

Do certain seemingly insignificant habits have a profound impact on our lives—on our success in school, at work, and even in our marriages?

The Time of Our Lives

The obsession with time lies at the core of Linklater’s singular new film, 'Boyhood.' In a sense it is misleading to call it new, since work on it began in 2001.

More History, Less Science

Bernard Williams’s literary and philosophical skills are well on display throughout this collection.

Abraham Joshua Heschel

Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel was one of the most eloquent religious figures of the twentieth century—a “jeweler of words,” in the estimation of one colleague.

Bookmarks | Saul Bellow, In His Son's Eyes

Greg Bellow’s memoir on coming to terms with his late father’s flaws. Also: new novels from Claire Messud and James Salter.

Two Poems | The Mowers & The Cricket

The mowers are at work on the hillside, / cutting brush with string trimmers and chattering saws, / and a haze of dust rises up around/ the crew as they labor...

Poem | Song Of Songs

eden’s echo is delight / when lover and beloved sing their pleasure ...

Last Word: The Fear of God

When we speak of the fear of God, everything depends on what we are afraid of and why.