November 14, 2014


The High Road

Scotland voted “No” to independence by 55 to 45 percent. But my referendum-day journey provides a clue to what was happening in Scotland in the summer of 2014.

'Gone Girl'

A mystery story, a portrait of marriage, and—more than anything else—a satire on big American expectations.

My Struggle

No one predicted that the most striking literary phenomenon of the early twenty-first century would be this six-volume novel by a Norwegian writer, about himself.

Fields of Blood

Karen Armstrong challenges the idea that the relationship between religion and violent conflict is simple and direct.

Browsers Welcome

From its inception Amazon has sought to disrupt the traditional bookselling market. Now France is trying to disrupt Amazon while protecting independent bookstores.

Poem | Rilkean Dream

I dreamed of myself as a light following / A greater series of lights, in a particular / Pattern of circles— // A veritable sense of a spiritual...
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