April 11, 2014



The evangelistic fervor of its producers is evident throughout 'Son of God,' but so is bombastic filmmaking lacking in any nuance or freshness of approach.

Cold Case

With ample suspense and atmosphere, 'Fargo' will appeal to crime-caper addicts and anyone who wants more of the movie’s ready-for-ice-fishing-you-betcha vibe.

Who Decides?

Yuval Levin reconstructs the conflict over Edmund Burke’s angry 'Reflections on the Revolution in France' and Thomas Paine’s incandescent reply, 'The Rights of Man.'

Absurd Reality

Imre Kertész is a concentration-camp survivor who keeps a distance from the slogans that remind us “never again.” His novels and short stories spell out these views.

Poem | Adorations

A noisy scene: / Angel trio in the heavens / warbling and strumming, / two magi volubly disputing, / Joseph itching to join in ...
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