April 11, 2014

Commonweal, April 11, 2014
Friday, April 11, 2014

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The Odd Couple

John XXIII had a program of updating; John Paul II was seen as bringing a degree of Restoration. How do their two very different legacies relate to each other?


The evangelistic fervor of its producers is evident throughout 'Son of God,' but so is bombastic filmmaking lacking in any nuance or freshness of approach.

Letters | The Amish, Obamacare, Bad Vows

Letters from readers on our stories about the Amish, the Affordable Care Act, and the nature of vows.

Radical Amazement

The most profound experience of art, or of worship, or of serious desire, involves us in something that is not limited by our own perception.

Cold Case

With ample suspense and atmosphere, 'Fargo' will appeal to crime-caper addicts and anyone who wants more of the movie’s ready-for-ice-fishing-you-betcha vibe.

Who Decides?

Yuval Levin reconstructs the conflict over Edmund Burke’s angry 'Reflections on the Revolution in France' and Thomas Paine’s incandescent reply, 'The Rights of Man.'

Fiction in Fragments

Renata Adler's 'Speedboat' and 'Pitch Dark,' finally reissued, are almost impossible to describe in conventional novelistic terms.

Absurd Reality

Imre Kertész is a concentration-camp survivor who keeps a distance from the slogans that remind us “never again.” His novels and short stories spell out these views.

Poem | The New Owners

kept the old farm hand. He’d / thumbed enough dirt off potatoes. / Seen hailstones pock the dirt road. ...

Poem | Adorations

A noisy scene: / Angel trio in the heavens / warbling and strumming, / two magi volubly disputing, / Joseph itching to join in ...

Last Word: Sister’s All Right

He sat next to me. I talked about my favorite theologians, prayers, gospels. I showed him my rosary, and asked if he believed in God. And still the bus didn't come.

Same-Sex Marriage & Religious Freedom

After Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer vetoes bill affecting gay marriage, similar bills in other states will give us another master class in how to hold a culture war.