'Once in a Great City'

What fascinates Maraniss about Detroit more than its ruin is how central its story is to the broader course of U.S. history—Motown, the local Mob, the auto industry.

Bookmarks | How Racism Speaks

Claudia Rankine’s 'Citizen' and Jeffery Renard Allen’s 'Song of the Shank' both take up the issue of race in America in jagged and beautiful poetry and prose.

Commonweal Interviews

Featuring the best of our interviews—including Woody Allen, Jorge Luis Borges, Mary Gordon, (Sister) Elizabeth McAlister, Christian Wiman, and Mario Cuomo...
Decca / © Paul Stewart

'Eventide' by Voces8

The via pulchritudinis is never far from me in my life as a Catholic, and it has been particularly with me lately as I’ve listened to Eventide by Voces8.

Radical Amazement

The most profound experience of art, or of worship, or of serious desire, involves us in something that is not limited by our own perception.

Holy Agony

'Dialogues of the Carmelites' is an opera of questions: What does it mean to die well? To die in fear? Are there bad ways to be a martyr for Christ?

Buried Treasure

Miles Davis Quintet Live in Europe 1969 The Bootleg Series Vol. 2 Sony—Legacy Records, $49.98   When it comes to musical rediscovery, this is...

A Jazz Mass?

Last year marked the thirtieth anniversary of the death of Mary Lou Williams, the jazz pianist, composer, and arranger. There are few women in the pantheon of great...

An Interview with Dave Brubeck

Ian Marcus Corbin talks with jazz great Dave Brubeck about music, Catholicism, and liturgy.

Pied Piper of Dehra Doon

For the past twenty-five years, I have dreamed that one day I would convince Charlie King, the American folk singer and social-change activist, to come for a...

Devils, Dust & God

From the rising death toll in Iraq to the chaos created by Hurricane Katrina to the devastating earthquake in Kashmir, this year has been one of unthinkable grief....

Like a Prayer

For the better part of the last month my iPod has served as little more than a delivery vehicle for the music of Sufjan Stevens, a thirty-year-old Brooklyn-...
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