November 15, 2013

Commonweal, November 15, 2013
Friday, November 15, 2013

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Comforting Rachel

Death before birth brings a profound grief to a family. It blunts hope and forces mothers, in a very immediate, physical way, to confront death.

Getting Organized

These are days of hope for American Catholics, yet the Church in the United States and elsewhere is struggling to recover an effective voice in public affairs.

A House Divided

Studies reveal a deeply divided America in which members of different “tribes” live separately from one another. Religious affiliation also separates them.

Keep It Vague

Contemporary liberal political philosophers are kindly disposed toward the idea of religious liberty but eager to contain the influence of religion over politics.


As tearjerker banalities and bromides play out, on the visual side 'Gravity' compensates with a display of nearly overwhelming beauty and power.

Clean Sweep

For the past two years, India's AAP party -- whose symbol is a broom -- has tapped into public anger and frustration by encouraging people to protest and organize.

Painting the Jewish Jesus

The image of a Jewish Jesus hanging on a Cross still gives pause to both Jews and Christians.

A Bold Piece

Alice McDermott's latest novel is a compelling accounting of a life that begins in Depression-era Brooklyn and winds its way to the late-twentieth-century suburbs.

Missing Revolutions

Nearly everything Paul Goodman complained about in 'Growing Up Absurd'--his influential critique of 1950s America--is now worse.


It is a mark of Antonin Scalia's pioneering influence that originalism and fidelity to text have become a staple of the Supreme Court’s interpretive methodology.

A Mossy Graveyard

For Roger Scruton the church is England, an England he knew and loved in his youth and that he believes is dying.

Poem | Deaconesses

Remember the two nameless slave-women, / the two deaconesses Pliny had flogged...