October 25, 2013

Friday, October 25, 2013

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Faithless Generation?

For several years now, I’ve suspected that my entire generation had vanished from Catholicism.

An Interview with Peter Quinn

The author of the Fintan Dunne novels and "Banished Children of Eve" talks about the importance of cities, Catholic novelists, and the hard work of writing.


The trademark Powers irony is at work even in his daughter’s narrative arc, for sweet as the award must have been, it was hardly a launch to smooth sailing.

True West

A new edition of the Little House books from the Library of America stakes a claim for Wilder’s work as an enduring part of the country’s literary heritage.

Old Masters, New Digs

After an extensive renovation and reinstallation, the Met's European paintings galleries reopened in May. The collection now has fully one-third more space.


'Prisoners' is a very good movie -- but not the minor masterpiece it should have been.

The Big Chill

Are we likely to hear from Catholic women who believe responsible use of birth control is compatible with their faith and their vocations as wives any time soon?

We Will Not Bleed

As Andrew Bacevich sees it, Americans have mutated into passive spectators, not active citizens, across a wide spectrum of once-sacred civic responsibilities.

The Limits of Candor

"For Discrimination" offers the bravest and most honest defense of affirmative action in a long time (maybe ever), and for that we are in Randall Kennedy’s debt.

Buried Traumas

Four decades after Franco’s death, relics of the past are finding their way into Spain's museums, where they can be both preserved and politically neutralized.

Fleeing from Triumph

From the roughly seventeen hundred letters Orwell wrote, Peter Davison has now made a generous selection, annotated with insight and without pedantry.

What Child Is This?

J. M. Coetzee's "The Childhood of Jesus" is a strange book, engaging but inscrutable, provocative but obscure.