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True West

A new edition of the Little House books from the Library of America stakes a claim for Wilder’s work as an enduring part of the country’s literary heritage.

Wild Thing

Is it a coincidence that this year, which marks the fiftieth anniversary of Maurice Sendak’s 'Where the Wild Things Are,' is also the year our firstborn turned two?

Big Questions for Small Readers

Philipa Pearce’s 1958 Tom’s Midnight Garden (Harper Trophy, $5.95, 229 pp., ages 10 and up) is considered one of the finest novels written for...

Children's Books

Here’s the assignment: Read the story of Cain and Abel (King James version please). With the text reprinted on lovely thick stock, draw one marginal...

Children's Books

What the world needs now is hobbits." That’s what Bob Shaye, CEO of New Line Cinema, said at a public forum in New York City following mass murder at the...

Time Stops for No Mouse

Is there anything lovelier than discovering a really talented, even famous writer by chance? That just happened to me with the British novelist Leon Garfield....
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