The Pope Isn't a Party Boss

It's a sign of how politicized the American Catholic Church has become that its different factions were lobbying over the message the bishop of Rome should send.

Same-Sex Marriage & Religious Freedom

After Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer vetoes bill affecting gay marriage, similar bills in other states will give us another master class in how to hold a culture war.

'Full of Faith'

How I learned about Ned O’Gorman's life of coping—through community, through place, through verse, through secrets, and through faith.

Francis's Anti-Imperial Papacy

His choice of the name 'Francis' was a promising sign he would emulate a saint devoted to the poor and to simplicity, and he has only continued from there.

'The Weakness of God Is Stronger than Men'

In his long work against Faustus the Manichean, Augustine replied to his opponents’ mockery by finding in Old Testament figures and events types or figures of...

‘Christ Comes and Refreshes Me’

One who does not find pleasure in these sights in sacred Scripture turns to fables, because he cannot bear sound doctrine. The fables have an attraction for...

Letters | Darwinian ethics, Jesus & the Jews

Readers write on Elizabeth A. Johnson's two-part feature on Darwin (and the author replies); plus, responses to our feature on the state of Jewish-Catholic dialogue.

'That Your Joy Might Be Fulfilled'

You have just heard, beloved, the Lord saying to His disciples, “I have said these things to you so that my joy might be in you and your joy might be...

‘Let Us Be Inquiring Disciples’

When the disciples inquire and Jesus their master replies to them, it’s as if we too are learning with them when we hear or read the holy Gospel. ... Let us...

Near Occasion

Many artists and writers, not necessarily religious, speak of the influence of religious language on their work.

‘Who Is Good Unless He Becomes So by Loving?’

In the Gospel reading which precedes this one, the Lord said: “You have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and appointed you, that you should go and bring...

‘Love than Which There Cannot Be a Greater’

Beloved brothers and sisters, the Lord defined that fullness of love which we ought to bear to one another when He said: “Greater love than this no one has,...
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