Unequal Shares

Because these things happen by the grace of God through Jesus Christ our Lord, in this prophecy the Savior himself adds his voice to that of his Body. I think it...

Christ in the Flood of Human Mortality

“He shall drink of the torrent on the way; therefore shall he lift up his head” (Ps 109[110]:7). Let us consider what it means that he drinks from the...

And the Word Became My Neighbor

“Behold,” it says, “I have greatly desired your commandments: in your righteousness give me life” (Ps 118[119]:40). With all my heart, with...

Papal Economics

Catholic social teaching has always staked out a middle-ground position that opposes both the excesses of collectivism and laissez-faire individualism.

Clerical Errors

Amid what the media has presented as a general feeling of optimism about the papacy of Francis, there are some matters that remain causes of concern among American...

And the Word Was Made Grass

“Man’s days are as grass” (Ps 102[103]:15). Let a man note what he is, let him not be proud: “Man’s days are like grass.” Why is...

And the Word Was Made Syllables

There is a single message [sermo] of God spread throughout all the Scriptures, a single Word [Verbum] sounding through the many mouths of the holy. Although this...

Tall Orders

Seminaries have four to five years of post-college priestly formation to train men to be leaders of the small “corporations” that parishes have become.

'Spiritual Assault'

In the trenches of parish life, I am aware of how an ecclesiastical environment that produces wounded people can lead to a community's unraveling.

Inside the Seminary

Any college-aged man entering a Catholic seminary during the ongoing crisis of the priestly sexual-abuse scandals does so with a certain amount of self-...

Letter from Rome

The Holy See has publicly dealt with four bishops for committing abuse or trying to cover it up. But there has been no transparency on their status or whereabouts.

What Christians Owe Jews

Christianity is in profound self-contradiction when it is anti-Judaic; when Christianity does not love the Jews, it corrupts its love of Jesus Christ at the core.
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