When the Escalator Stopped

I came home early and went straight upstairs to Mary and the baby. As soon as she saw me she began to cry. "What’s the matter?” I asked, already filling with dread.

Letter from Rome

Women at third annual "Voices of Faith" hampered by self-censorship; For every bishop Francis appoints that "smell of the sheep," there are ten career clericalists.

Between the Knower & the Known

To understand the larger significance of their research, scientists need a more sophisticated understanding of the metaphysical questions at stake.

The Voice of the Faithless

I write to do something I have never done, to defend the faithless. Faithless electors, that is. I am writing in defense of the Electoral College. Why? Trump.

Letter from Rome

Cardinal Pell's decision to appear before Australian Royal Commission’s inquiry into institutional responses to sex abuse in Rome sparks suspicious and criticism.

Padre Pio under Glass

The body of Padre Pio was recently paraded through Rome in a glass coffin, followed by thousands. What is it that makes people gather around a desiccated corpse?

An Original

Antonin Scalia’s impact on the Court was mixed. He will be remembered more for the flamboyance of his dissents than for the reach of his majority opinions.
Jesuit Father Federico Lombardi, papal spokesman and retired Director General of Vatican Radio

Letter from Rome

Word is Pope Francis will visit Turkey a second time; Jesuit-run Vatican Radio is merging with non-Jesuit CTV; First events for Jubilee Year were not "jubilant."

'Freedom, Truth, and Human Dignity'

Before the "Declaration on Religious Freedom" was created, church leaders warned that embracing religious freedom would betray the church’s doctrinal heritage.

Letter from Rome

Francis visits tomb of Don Samuel Ruiz, bishop of the of San Cristóbal de las Casas, and indigenous people whom he empowered with ownership of their local church.

'What Does It Mean to Be Catholic?'

Jack Mulder seeks to “explain why the Catholic story captivated, and still captivates” so as to enhance Christian dialogue. He succeeds in only one of those aims.

Last Word: Christian Iran

Though many Westerners think of Iran as a theocratic monolith, Christians of various kinds consider it home and see the Shiite majority not as hosts but neighbors.
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