May 16, 2014

Commonweal, May 16, 2014
Friday, May 16, 2014

Articles in this issue

Mark of Belonging

A decade ago, who would have guessed that controversies about male circumcision would roil European countries and achieve resonance in the United States?

Parallel Magisterium?

If theologians are condemned for not being in conformity with the Catechism, can they do theology at all?

Fr. Bulldozer

A new pastor walks a fine line between learning about a parish community and making administrative decisions. It takes time and balance and a lot of prayer.

Hunger Games

The central problem in most modern famines was never an absolute lack of food. At issue was distribution.

Letters | Fact or Fiction? Burke v. Paine

Readers respond to stories on Edmund Burke vs.Thomas Paine, military chaplains, and the canonization of John Paul II and John XXIII.

Wes Goes East

Atypical work for the whimsical and aesthetic Wes Anderson, or another journey further into 'Andersonland'?

Doubting Thomas

There are three key doctrines where Aquinas’s arguments lead to perplexing conclusions: immortality, creation, and the nature of God as both one and triune.

God & the Desert

Why do these ten masterful literary essays from a doubt-seasoned Catholic "risk blasphemy"? "Because they speak of the God of the desert."

Poem | Funeral Food

all afternoon friends knocking softly / on the front door of our Ash Alley row home / saying to our mother how sorry / they were about her loss...

Last Word: Splitting Up

"It’s not you. Well, it’s not me either. It’s the ‘us’ that needs…space," we said in perfect, twinny unison. It was our biggest split since the egg divided.

Style & Substance

Pope Francis boldly enlists the legacies of his two predecessors in support of his upcoming Synod on the Family.

The Future of Inequality

According to Thomas Piketty, the U.S. is the most inegalitarian nation in the world, and on current trends may soon become the most inegalitarian nation in history.