Letters | Fact or Fiction? Burke v. Paine

Readers Respond

Truth Been Told?

After reading Kaitlin Campbell’s “Sister’s All Right” (April 11), I noted that the author is your marketing coordinator. Is this a true story or a work of fiction—a very good work of fiction? I have been carrying it around since I first read it.

All the more convincing if a true story, truly and truthfully told. Kudos. Either way, let’s have more from Campbell in future issues.

Joe Frattali

Dahlonega, Ga.


The Author Replies

Thanks for the kind words. What I wrote did happen, and similar things have happened to many women. A woman on the subway once told me, “If a guy tries to do that, don’t be polite. Just go crazy.” Sometimes it’s easier to pretend to be someone else than to pretend to go crazy.

Kaitlin Campbell


The Tyranny Of Factions

George Scialabba’s review of Yuval Levin’s book on the world of Edmund Burke and Thomas Paine (“Who Decides?” April 11) ignores an important insight that Burke shared with our country’s founding fathers,...

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