The Future of Inequality

According to Thomas Piketty, the U.S. is the most inegalitarian nation in the world, and on current trends may soon become the most inegalitarian nation in history.

The Gun Supremacists' Folly

The creativity of the NRA and other organizations devoted to establishing conditions in which every American will have to be armed is awe-inspiring.

Can Ukraine Remain One Country?

The statement released by the United States, European Union, Ukraine, and Russia after talks in Geneva has done little to bring the Ukrainian crisis to an end.

Abe's Second Chance

Vowing to pull the nation out of the economic doldrums, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has managed to maintain the support of a still wary public.

Goodbye to All That

By 1982, although nominally still a Democrat, Michael Novak had become an enthusiast for Reaganomics and for every Republican administration to follow.

Voting Rights & Wrongs

Republicans in nine states have pushed through laws with strict photo ID requirements as well as a variety of limitations on early voting and absentee voting. Why?

LBJ's Way

The justified revival of Lyndon B. Johnson’s standing brings with it new appreciation of the durability of the social reforms enacted on his watch.

Graduating with a Degree in Debt

It’s bad enough that college is so expensive. But the toll exacted by the extra burden of student debt threatens the common good higher ed is meant to preserve.

When Obamacare Was 'Doomed'

That the ACA hit its sign-up goal ought to give everyone pause over how reckless its opponents have been in making instant judgments and outlandish charges.

The Pope Isn't a Party Boss

It's a sign of how politicized the American Catholic Church has become that its different factions were lobbying over the message the bishop of Rome should send.

Same-Sex Marriage & Religious Freedom

After Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer vetoes bill affecting gay marriage, similar bills in other states will give us another master class in how to hold a culture war.

Going It Alone

The GOP’s obduracy on income inequality has kept the federal government from adopting any policy that might increase the take-home pay of low-income workers.
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