American Innocence

'The Irony of American History' shines a klieg light on the so-called war on terror and the current debate over the operations of our “national security state."

Reforming the NSA

It is ever more important that transparency and accountability be built into the government’s antiterrorism efforts.

Break the Chains of Command?

Heightened advocacy and awareness have led to three legislative initiatives that would reform how the military approaches cases of sexual assault.

The Resurgent Progressives

The re-emergence of a Democratic left will be one of the major stories of 2014. Moderates, don’t be alarmed: Its return is good news for the political center.

Enlightened Self-Interest

Voter ennui hardly explains why New Yorkers this time chose a mayor who finds his inspiration in liberation theology—and by a 3-to-1 margin, at that.

'Duck Dynasty,' Meet Pope Francis

When even the pope wonders aloud whether it's appropriate for him to judge, you begin to see the difficulty of deciding what "true Christians" ought to believe.

Alternative Medicine

The Republican leadership seems to hope Obamacare will collapse under its own weight. Not all conservatives are convinced of the wisdom of that approach.


Sartre was unquestionably one of those by whom language lives, and vice versa. Many people read voraciously; Sartre wrote voraciously.

The ACLU Takes on the Bishops

Contrary to popular belief, the USCCB does not have the power to tell individual bishops—or Catholic health-care systems—what to do and what not to do.

Minimal Wages

The argument for raising the minimum wage is as much moral as economic; it is an argument about fairness and the dignity of labor.

Health Scare

While the next few months could be rocky, there are still reasons to be optimistic about the ACA. To understand why, it helps to know a few details about the law.

Letters | How to Reform Public Education

Readers write on Ravitch review, with a response from Jackson Lear.
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