December 20, 2013


Making the Past Present

As with many of Auden’s longer poems, 'For the Time Being' is a slippery beast. Whenever you think you’ve got a hold of it, it goes off in another direction.

All At Sea

'Captain Phillips' is thoughtful and electrifyingly exciting; 'All Is Lost' is Sisyphean hopelessness but also a Sisyphean defiance.

Painting in Slang

A vigorous and superbly contextual show, “Léger: Modern Art and the Metropolis”—at the Philadelphia Museum of Art—focuses on the artist's most experimental years.

Once Upon a Time

Christianity can be described primarily as intellectual and dogmatic only if one sets aside lots of evidence. That’s precisely what Geza Vermes does in this book.

Poem | At The End

of a late August evening / comes a light through maples / and over orange marigolds / a light that eddies over fallen apples
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