February 21, 2014

Commonweal, February 21, 2014
Friday, February 21, 2014

Articles in this issue

'Embers Continue to Smolder'

To get an inkling of the power of anti-Judaic legacy, I recommend reading a gospel in one sitting. Or better yet, watch 'The Gospel of John' with a Jewish friend.

Not Conversion, but Communion

Recent papal teaching, particularly since John Paul II, portrays God’s covenant with the Jews as valid and irrevocable.

Dual-Covenant Theology vs. Dual-Truth Theory

An interreligious dialogue in which parties explain away their distinctive truth claims can help to improve relations among participants, but at great cost.

'What Our Church Has Inflicted on Judaism'

To foster a more productive Catholic-Jewish dialogue we need to pose two further questions, one backward-looking and one forward-looking.

A Soulless Soul Mate

'Her' focuses on emotional anxieties, asking what happens when companionship and intimacy itself are outsourced to a rapidly evolving machine. What happens to us?

Letters | Darwin, Israel & ‘Mary Poppins’

Readers write on Elizabeth A. Johnson, Margaret O'Brien Steinfels, and 'Mary Poppins.'

Top Heavy

Conservatives insist that higher incomes at the very top fuel investment and growth and improve living standards. Real-world outcomes make nonsense of these claims.

Various but Coherent

Evangelicalism is still very much around, and understanding such a diverse movement is a formidable challenge. Molly Worthen is to be commended for helping meet it.

Romance & Resurrection

Boitani addresses not the question of whether Shakespeare was Catholic, but a more basic one: Was he in any important sense a Christian poet?

Making Do

The men who tell their stories in 'Doing the Best I Can: Fatherhood in the Inner City' know that they don’t look much like Ward Cleaver or Cliff Huxtable.

Friend of Justice

Msgr. Carlos Manuel de Céspedes y García-Menocal, faithful priest, seminary rector, and prolific writer who died January 3, was also a great Cuban patriot.

Two Poems

I go by myself / to where I am supposed to be