March 7, 2014

Commonweal, March 7, 2014
Friday, March 7, 2014

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Not So Fast

Nurse a baby in church and you risk dirty looks. Of course, letting a hungry infant cry is also risking disapproval. It’s enough to make a new mom want to stay home.

Catastrophic Coverage

With ACA enrollment numbers up and the troubled website stabilized, it’s worth looking back at the madness that gripped the Chicken Little pundits a few months ago.

Opting Out

The presence of the Amish in America poses a conundrum: How do a people who espouse a slow and simple way of life not only survive but thrive in a hypermodern world?

Give It to Us Straight, Doc

The conventional wisdom seems to be that Americans, feeling ripped off by the Affordable Care Act, are ready to pounce. But how does that correspond to reality?

Letters | The Polish underground, tithes & alms, etc.

Readers respond to stories on Jan Karski, parish collections, and just warriors in unjust wars.

Bottled-Up Yearning

'The Invisible Woman' has tact but lacks Dickensian bustle and comedy; 'Gloria' depicts a woman whose way of surviving is to live on the fly.

The Byron of Our Time

A new biography on Sir Patrick Leigh Fermor, who achieved three impressive goals in travel, war, and art.

Roth at Rest

Pierpont presents a picture of Philip Roth’s works that contains necessary qualifications: there is no dutiful approval of every word the master has written.

Missed Opportunity

The UN made several recommendations the Holy See would do well to heed. But it weakened its case by weighing in on doctrinal matters unrelated to abuse.