'Like a Shadow'

I have attended many births but this was the first time I had to help a woman deliver a baby we both knew would be dead.

Plot Twists

'Catholics in the American Century' gathers essays exploring how Catholic experience and perspectives enrich our understanding of the broader American experience.

Beyond the Stalemate

That Americans and American Catholics remain divided over abortion is to our credit. But some divisions are more necessary, compelling, or expedient than others.

When in Rome...

It's been a long time since I have read a book about the church that made me laugh out loud. In The Vatican Diaries, John Thavis presents many stories that will...

Get Thee from the Nunnery

When I came into my “Introduction to Shakespeare” classroom on Good Friday, students all over the room were animatedly talking. “Did you see the demonstration in...

A Riskier Discourse

“Can we talk about abortion?” Dennis O’Brien, Peter Steinfels, and Cathleen Kaveny asked in a noteworthy exchange in Commonweal (September, 23, 2011). Let me jump...

Morbid Symptoms

“The crisis consists precisely in the fact that the old is dying and the new cannot be born. In this interregnum a great variety of morbid symptoms occur.”—Antonio...

How Do You Vote for Compromise?

Here's where we have arrived as a country: We are so polarized that even compromise has become a partisan issue.As the 2012 campaign closes, bipartisanship and "...

‘Intrinsic Evil’ & Public Policy

Everyone knows what the Catholic Church teaches about abortion, right? It is an “intrinsically evil act.” Yet the answers of Joe Biden and Paul Ryan in the recent...

From Etch A Sketch to Sketchy

"Lead from behind" may be a sound bite the Obama administration regrets, but debating from behind is clearly something President Obama is very good at. He got the...

Dear Prudence

There has recently been much talk about whether Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget is faithful to the principles of Catholic social thought—or is instead a libertarian...

Two Cities, Two Americas

Nobody claimed it was the best of times. Either it was the worst of times, as the Republicans insisted in Tampa, or it could have been even worse, as the Democrats...
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Plot Twists

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When in Rome...

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Fetal Positions

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Single-issue Church?

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Converts to a Cause

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