Commonweal at 90

Commonweal in the 1990s

Writing on the occasion of Commonweal’s seventy-fifth anniversary in 1999, the editors restated the declaration made on the occasion of its twenty-fifth:...

Formative Years

In addition to Commonweal’s Campus Speakers Program and the free subscriptions donors make available to college students, the magazine offers internships and...

Commonweal in the 1980s

Commonweal editor Peter Steinfels in the 1980s wanted to see the magazine deal "more with broadly religious as well as religion and society issues rather than...

Commonweal in the 1970s

Peter Steinfels, who'd been at Commonweal from 1964 to 1972, wrote later in the decade that "the moment would seem propitious for those commenting out of a...

Commonweal in the 1960s

Priestly celibacy, the necessity of religious dress for nuns, liturgical renewal, Catholicism's response to race and civil rights: These, in addition of course...

Commonweal in the 1950s

In the 1950s, Commonweal was variously described as “doing a tremendous disservice to the Catholic church and a great service to the Communist party” (...

Commonweal in the 1940s

Commonweal is celebrating ninety years of publication by featuring some of the best stories from each of our nine decades in print. Here we highlight the 1940s.

Commonweal in the 1930s

Commonweal is in its ninetieth year of publication. To mark the occasion, we're featuring stories from each of the nine decades we've been in print. Here, the 1930s.

Commonweal in the 1920s

Commonweal is currently in its ninetieth year of publication, and to mark the anniversary we're featuring stories from each of the nine decades we've been in print.
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