Letters | The Polish underground, tithes & alms, etc.

An Unassuming Hero

Thank you for the book review of Story of a Secret State: My Report to the World by the late Jan Karski (“Witness,” January 24). Karski was a professor at Georgetown University, and I had the privilege of taking some graduate courses with him during the late 1950s. He was dedicated to his students and highly respected by them. At that time, he was passionately anti-Communist, but he was also very mild-mannered, unassuming, and gracious. To my recollection, he never mentioned his exploits in the Polish Underground during World War II. I learned about them later. I regret that U.S. officials did not listen to his warnings and heed his information about the Holocaust.

Rosalie E. L’ecuyer

Fairbanks, Ark.


Grassroots Evangelism

I agree completely with what Fr. Nonomen writes in “A Hole in the Basket” (February 7). Some pastors may say they can’t afford to give away a piece of the collection, but the heart of the matter is they can’t afford not to. It works, and it allows lots of good to happen. It is real evangelism at the grassroots level.


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