Botched Arguments

Making sure late-term abortions are done only to save the life of the mother—under the safest conditions possible—should be something both sides can agree on.

Just Warriors, Unjust Wars?

Catholics have special reason to care about Jeff McMahan’s work on the question of just war and the debates it has sparked.

Peace Activism: What Is It Good For?

Andrew J. Bacevich and R. Scott Appleby discuss the present-day peace movement and whether it exerts any influence on current U.S. policy.

Don't Attack Syria

A defensible case for the attack on Syria would have to satisfy traditional “just war” standards. The proposed action meets none of them.

A Scourge of Secularism

Do the essays by Leszek Kolakowski collected in 'Is God Happy?' have anything to say to twenty-first-century America?

A Language of Solidarity

Robert N. Bellah, who died in July, was a contributor to Commonweal for more than twenty years. Here are excerpts from some of his articles.

The Last Word | Out of Sight

For the Romans, 'luxuria' was the near-equivalent of Greek hubris. It has behind it the imagery of material excess leading to a diminished sense of cause and effect.

A Dying Concept

The conviction is new that the exclusive purpose of the business corporation is to profit its professional managers and stockholders.

Securing Our Liberty

Even if everything the government does to combat terrorism is technically legal, not everything legal is prudent, wise, or morally justified.

Beyond the Stalemate

That Americans and American Catholics remain divided over abortion is to our credit. But some divisions are more necessary, compelling, or expedient than others.

Service Entrance

It’s time to take another look at the idea of national service, which could revitalize the country and relieve the economic pressure on its youth.

Nagel’s Untimely Idea

Assessing philosopher Thomas Nagel’s argument that "the Neo-Darwinian conception of nature is almost certainly wrong."
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