No Labels, Please

Sometimes, when talking to younger audiences, the theologian Lisa Sowle Cahill will describe herself as a “relic” of the distant and benighted era before the Second...

A First Step?

The moral contexts of homosexual, nonmarital heterosexual, and married instances of intercourse are analyzed to unpack Benedict's recent remark on the use of condoms

Model of Dissent

The last time I saw Irving Howe was at Carnegie Hall. We bumped into each other during the concert’s intermission. He was aglow. Isn’t it wonderful, Peter, he...

Long Goodbye

Several Catholics I know and respect have recently chosen to worship in other Christian churches as a matter of conscience. I doubt that Pope Benedict XVI will move...

How to Shut Up

I bought my first rosary in 1960. It was plastic and pink, and it cost a dime. Our Catholic school had mandated that all first-graders purchase a rosary from the...

The Littlest Way

The lay Catholic movement Focolare got a boost last year when some of its ideas—including the “economy of communion”—were mentioned favorably in Pope Benedict’...

Lend a Hand

Half the Sky tells a story and has a mission. Its Pulitzer-Prize-winning authors, Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn, don’t merely report on the neglect, abuse,...

Catholic Vermont

Late in her life, the Vermont historian Abby Maria Hemenway recalled that, while she was a young girl in the early 1840s, she had a vision of Our Lady in a field...

The Scandal of Secrecy

A closer look at both the secret text of the Vatican regarding clerical crimes of solicitation and the confusing lack of authority in dealing with these crimes.

Catholic Unity

With regret and some trepidation, Commonweal and many other prolife Catholic commentators and organizations, including the Catholic Health Association, disagreed...

Ignatius for the Perplexed

Every so often someone sends me one of those online multiple-choice quizzes that match your personality to a Catholic religious order. No matter what questions they...


While I took Lent and Easter more seriously than ever this year—in terms of prayer, Scriptural reading, reflection, and discipline—I didn’t go to Mass. In fact, I...
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